framework creative


Framework Creative developed the Splash! VR waterslide for YourStudio to launch Topshop’s summer swimwear range in its flagship Oxford street store. Wearing an Oculus Rift headset, shoppers were able to enjoy a 360-degree ride on a virtual waterslide that twisted and turned above the buildings and buses of a bustling virtual Oxford Street. Virtual billboards and models introduced participants to the new swimwear range along the ride, before they were transported to a desert island sun lounger, where their adrenaline-fuelled adventure ended in a beautiful tropical scene.

The Topshop SPLASH! campaign ran for 11 days during which swimwear sales increased by 100% versus the previous year and generated 5.3 million views of the Snapchat lens; more than 2 million Instagram stories; 1 million Facebook impressions; 689,000 Twitter engagements; and over 3,000 people posted photos using the hashtag #TopshopSplash.

Making of Topshop 'Splash' - VR Waterslide