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Framework Creative conjure bespoke virtual, mixed and augmented reality experiences for the world’s leading brands. With our help, blue-chip companies like Nike, Coca-Cola and Philips have already benefited from this exciting emerging technology. We never make do with off-the-shelf solutions. We build from scratch to match your needs, ensuring each execution is perfect for its intended market. 

Virgin Holidays VR Rollercoaster

We created a Virgin Holidays VR rollercoaster experience for YourStudio to sit within the new store. In just two minutes, the virtual ride took thrill-seeking customers from the Caribbean to the African Savannah via the bright lights of infamous Vegas. By enabling customers to experience a handful of key destinations through the power of tech, we created an exhilarating reason for them to come in store – attributing Virgin Holidays with serious standout in a cluttered marketplace.

Topshop VR Waterslide

Topshop, through technology agency Fat Unicorn for YourStudio, commissioned Framework Creative to make a virtual waterslide. Creating a reproduction of Oxford Circus, the user is whisked around the famous shopping district of London. The waterslide is a fast-ride, eventually plunging through a billboard and teleporting the user to a desert island, where they land on the beach, coconut cocktail already beside the sun lounger.

Back To Health Medical Diagnostic Tool

Back To Health Medical Diagnostic Tool

We created spine medical diagnostic tool for a chain of chiropractors, Back To Health, determined to be at the cutting edge of their industry. Based on a multi-player platform, the patient moves around the virtual representation of their spine in VR whilst the practitioner manipulates and highlights the vertebrae to discuss and better demonstrate each patients specific situation.

Philips Smarter Cities

We a produced virtual reality tour of the kind of hi-tech metropolis Philips believe could be just 15 years away, complete with a breathtaking futuristic cityscape, teeming with technological life and light-borne data communications. 

Oasis Beach Experience

Taking students from the loud lights of the student unions @ freshers weeks across the land, we transported them to a beach of tranquillity, complete with large branding opportunities for Oasis!

Nike Air Zoom All Out Tunnel Sprint

Ever wondered how fast if feels to run 100m at Olympic speed? We created a 360 animation showing just that for our good friends at XYZ for a trainer launch @ JD Sports in Dublin and Glasgow.

Virtual Tours

What's the next stage in visualisation? Placing your customers and clients into the spaces you are selling - there is no better way to engender excitement and belief in the product that to lift the designs off the page or screen and experience it all around you. Be it a commercial or residential development, an event or show, Framework Creative can bring it to life in ways to wow your customer base.